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The Jobbing across Borders concept is based on the Pentagon Model with five stakeholders who are linked to each other. It also stands for a synonym for the person situated in the middle of the project for all participants.  JAB functions as a mediator agency and considers itself to be the “driving force” that continually and dynamically keeps the model in motion.

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The Pentagon Model symbolically links the participants:

  • Candidate

  • Former or new employer

  • Employment Agency in Trier / Federal Agency for Employment in Germany and The Netherlands (UWV)

  • Local Association for Families (reg. Assoc.)

  • European Union as well as Dutch Ministries for Work, Social Affairs and Families


All stakeholders intensively participate within the program and the goals of BOTH countries. 

Jointly, based on a common behavior code, they follow the content conscientiously and with respect. SUSTAINABILITY is written in capitals as this is the core of the concept…..Human Capital!


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Colourful Power

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Procedure: Selection – Introduction – Integration and Implementation of the Programs: 


  • Candidate Check / Admission: Seven questions need to be answered

  • After positive assessment a team management profile is established

  • A German employer „takes over“ the candidate (All-Inclusive-Package)

  • Candidates are trained in view of their social and expert competencies

  • Candidates are tested regarding social and intercultural skills

  • A „personal mentor“ is assigned before and during their employment

  • Goal agreements are documented in writing

  • Candidates begin their employment and are integrated into the local and regional network

  • After 3 months a first evaluation is done

  • The trial period is at least six months


Caring for people

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