Make it in Germany

Despite linguistic and cultural differences, one thing is clear:  We are all Europeans and when it comes to thinking and feeling, we are not that far apart….. and this is the bridge Jobbing across Borders wants to build.


Fresh & Fruity

Frisch von der Schule oder schon gereift in renommierten Küchen? Dann ernte jetzt die Früchte Deines Könnens.

By means of a so-called „All-Inclusive-Package“ all employees are accompanied before, during and after their employment in Germany.  A special expert-oriented training is also a part of the package. In order to secure long-term success (for the employer as well as for the employee) this will not suffice.  Therefore, for the Dutch candidate the package also comprises a language course in addition to support with social, integrative and intercultural training. Dutch experts and apprenticeship seekers will be equipped with necessary soft skills in order to be fully prepared for the responsibilities within their later positions in the German job market and to be accepted by their new employer and prepared for their new living conditions. Fair compensation and mutual respect are a matter of fact for us!


Intercultural competence, fairness, flexibility, empathy and resilience are prerequisites for new employees venturing out to a new career chapter abroad.  Can you refer to these characteristics?  If yes, contact Jobbing across Borders  - let’s Make it in Germany!!!

Maler Azubi

Colours and more

Du bist kreativ und hast Farbe im Blut? Dann gestalte jetzt deinen eigenen Lebensweg im Nachbarland.

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