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Wilhelm von Humboldt once said „Basically it is always the connection with people that gives life its value.”  Jobbing across Borders  would like to create sustainable ties between people and cultures.  In particular, the link between the Dutch and the German culture, the characteristics, the language and thus a founding stone for an encompassing working structure and mutual understanding.

Do I say „Sie“ or „Du“ ?

What type of „hierarchy“ is there in German companies?

How do I overcome language barriers?

How do I combine Dutch creativity and entrepreneurial spirit with German punctuality and efficiency?



Strom fließt durch deine Adern? Dann bewerbe dich jetzt als Elektriker in Deutschland, denn hier warten spannende Aufgaben auf dich!

You will probably ask yourself these and many other questions. Thinking, acting and experiencing in daily working situations will most certainly be unusual at the beginning, but also the starting signal for an exciting journey full of new experiences with the goal of using opportunities that the German job market holds in store in a sustainable way. 

Germany is „booming“ and needs multi-cultural talent to live up to its growth.


Medical practitioner

Du bist studierter Mediziner und möchtest deine Kenntnisse nun unter Beweis stellen? Dann werde Assistenzart in deinem Nachbarland, denn hier wird dein Wissen benötigt!

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